Kulyakartu  Kalyuku Ninti  trip 2015

Kulyakartu Kalyuku Ninti trip 2015

2016 Kalyuku ninti trips

There are two Kalyuku Ninti (Return to Country) trips organised for 2016. The first is a partnership trip with Martumili, Australian National University (ANU) and the National Museum of Australia (NMA). This trip is part of a Minyipurru (Seven Sisters) research project being conducted by Di James from ANU and will cover a part of the song line that stretches from Pangkal Rockhole, near Telfer, to Pangkapirni Well, north-east of Kunawarritji on the Canning Stock Route. This will be, for the most part, an artist and young women’s trip. NMA are planning an exhibition of the Minyipurru and pieces of art produced during the trip may feature in an exhibition next year. This trip is set to run in May.

The second Kalyuku Ninti trip planned for this year is a very special trip for the Booth family. The family have expressed a strong desire to return to Well 40 and place a gravestone on Mr. Booth’s grandfather’s grave, an important act towards the recognition of Martu lives lost on the Canning Stock Route. Matthew Paterson and the Booth family are currently organising the gravestone inscription and delivery to Newman.

In addition to the above Kalyuku Ninti trips, another partnership trip is planned to visit the Katjarra (Carnarvon Range) area with the Birriliburu rangers and World Vision. This trip is important to maintain ties between families that have a connection to country within the Birriliburu Native Title Determination.

World Vision’s involvement in this trip will allow the families to take some children on the trip, making this a very special trip for all involved. Consultation with the relevant families and the Birriliburu mob is still underway, but things are looking very promising for the trip to run this year.