50,000 milestone passed!

Over the past few months, many new photos have been added to the archive, taking the total number of photos to over 53,000.  As well as photos from the recent ranger trips, there have been two new collections of donated photos added.  Peter and Janet McLennan, who worked as school teachers at Punmu for over 10 years, have donated a large number of photos. Sandwich Hopcraft, who also worked as a school teacher at Punmu for four years, has donated photos and documents, including many good examples of school work.  The big task ahead for the next few months is to name all the school children in the photos. Peter and Janet McLennan are kindly going to help with this task.

We have also received the second batch of photos from Gwen and John Bucknall of the early days at Strelley School.  Gwen has continued to work enthusiastically to name and annotate the photos and has made two productive trips to Port Hedland and Warralong to work with Martu.  The Newman office recently had a visit from another Strelley teacher, John Sherwood, who has facilitated access to digitised versions of films that he made in 1984 about Strelley community and Don McLeod.

Martu rangers visit QLD museum

In early July, Bakery and Landy Jeffries visited the Queensland Museum with Peter See.  They viewed a collection of artefacts, some of them from Martu country and 63 slides taken by Pastor Melville.  We hope to be able to include this collection of photos in the archive in the near future.