A busy few months for the Parnngurr ranger team

Parnngurr rangers have been extremely busy over the past four months with many activities happening in community and out on-country.

Activities include: first aid and 4WD training, re-vegetation with Bob from Greening Australia, on-ground burning with Leigh from WA Department of Parks and Wildlife, helicopter burning with Gareth, KJ’s fire officer, participation in the Jakulyukulyu trip, attending the Bilby Festival in Kiwirrkurra, assisting with the camel culling program and placing several water data loggers and motion cameras out in country with Eddie Game from The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

The rangers have also been maintaining their new ranger station and enjoying the work space with a cup of tea.  The rangers have held a number of BBQs at the station as they help with ranger, community and KJ Board meetings.

The men and women rangers have been happy working on country as a joint group, on separate men’s and women’ trips, as well as ranger led trips.  As part of these trips the rangers have attended to tourism management on the CSR, completed a number of fauna tracking plots, undertaken track side burning and visited many waterholes to monitor the water as well as to ground truth sites.  The rangers discovered a rock hole near the honeyant clay pan that was new to the team.  As part of all the trips the rangers hunt and gather a variety of bush foods and share stories and knowledge.

During the coming months, Parnngurr rangers will do more on ground burning with Leigh, black-flanked rock-wallaby monitoring with Alicia, on-country trips with other ranger teams, more water data logging work with TNC as well as independent trips.  It will be another busy few months for the Parnngurr rangers as they continue to look after country and culture.