Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is a Martu organisation that aims to:
  • to support Martu to look after culture and country;
  • to build a viable economy in Martu communities; and
  • to build pathways for young Martu to a healthy future.

By preserving culture, KJ assists Martu to retain a strong Martu identity, social stability and resilience to the increasing social and development pressures which they face.

To meet these objectives, KJ has developed an integrated suite of programs including culture and heritage, land management, communications and social programs incorporating the newly established leadership program.

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KJ changed people’s lives. Good support for the old people. Bringing back history.
— Stuart Watson, Ranger & Leadership Program Participant, Newman
There is a process of spiritual, social and cultural healing that takes place when people go back on-country. That’s something that isn’t often seen; there’s a different side of our people that comes out. There’s a real big change in our mob when they’re out on-country.
— Darren Farmer, Martu Translator, Wiluna