Aerial mapping in 2018

KJ is planning to run two large aerial mapping trips in the northern part of the Martu Determination this year. This is building upon previous successful aerial mapping trips that have occurred over the past few years.

The first trip will be based in Paru and will map the northern boundary and the cross-over area between the Martu and Kulyakartu Determinations. Elders Muuki Taylor, Waka Taylor and Minyawu Miller will direct the mapping with the support of the Punmu rangers in April.

The second trip will be based out of Mulyarlkiri with Thelma Judson and will focus on the Percival Lakes area. This trip was scheduled last year but was cancelled due to the extreme rainfall events that occurred early last year.

Everyone is hoping that this year will be a little drier and that the trip to map this area with the help of the Punmu and Kunawarritji rangers will occur in May. More mapping may be conducted out of Kunawarritji and Punmu.