Ranger work enabled Alysha to move back to community

Alysha Taylor (centre) with her grandparents Waka Taylor (left) and Karnu Taylor (right)

Alysha Taylor (centre) with her grandparents Waka Taylor (left) and Karnu Taylor (right)

My name is Alysha Taylor I am 20 years old, and this is my story.  
In my early years of growing up in Parnngurr, I formed a close connection with my grandparents Waka & Karnu Taylor.  My parents and family moved to Port Headland & Bidyadanga, and eventually, we moved to Perth.

While living in Perth, I completed Year 12, then completed further study in Engineering and Aviation. I was at the stage in life where I was applying for jobs and attending interviews; I even applied to get my own home. Even though things were going ok I felt something was missing; my spirit was not happy.

Then I heard that my grandparents were getting old and not in the best of health.  I just knew I needed to go home, to my place of growing, where I belong. My grandparents lived alone, but now they have me, someone to care for them, cook, clean and help around the house. This makes them feel happy and pleased their granddaughter has come home.

My grandmother Karnu told me about the women’s ranger program with KJ. Being able to get a job helped me to make the decision to come back to the community. There are not many opportunities for young Aboriginal girls to get jobs out in their country, in remote communities. Unfortunately, lots of young girls these days are not doing much and are not learning about their country.

I love everything about my grandparents.  Coming home means they can now pass on all their stories and knowledge about their country to me. Being a women ranger at Parnngurr makes Waka & Karnu happy.  When we are on country, they tell me about the other ranger stories, and we talk about places they have been, how they lived and what we need to do to look after county.

I feel privileged to have a job as a ranger. I would like to encourage other young girls to get involved and learn about their county too. It is important to make your spirit feel at peace.