Collecting the stories of our elders

The oral histories project has allowed older Martu to record their oral history, in either audio or video format, for their children and grandchildren to watch and listen to in the future.  Stories recorded included life in Jigalong in the mission days, holidaying around the waterholes, working with Fred Hollows, station work and lifestyle, the first time people saw ‘whitefellas’, a police officer that shot himself jumping an electric fence, a pet horse that would pick the kids up from school and family tragedies.

Reena Rogers, Karen Rogers, Miriam Atkins, Dada Samson, Lizzie and Julie Sailor, May Brooks, Kennedy Finlay, Violet Atkins, Noelene Campbell, Timmy Paterson, Lorna Mintern, Medbourne Jackson, Cindy Robinson and Paddy Colley, Butler Landy, Lily Long and Amy French, Dawn Oates, Mulyatingki Marney, Jakayu Biljabu and Minyawe Miller have all recorded their stories.

At the Newman HACC centre elders worked with Fiona Webb creating their family trees.  These genealogies have been pinned to the wall behind the Community Access Library (CAL) computer for everyone to see.  It has been a great place to spend time with the Newman elders.  Thank you to all the staff at EPIS that helped by making KJ welcome and planning some activities around the project.