Contact could be the most profoundly-moving film this country has ever made; the film the ‘Sorry Generation’ deserved; the personal story of displacement and forced detachment that will burn into the fibre of our national identity the reality behind this countries shameful treatment of its indigenous people.
— Simon Foster, SBS Filmv


Director/s: Bentley Dean and Martin Butler

Based on the book "Cleared Out" Contact is the documentary of Yuwali, who recalls the Martu’s startling first contact and eventual removal from their homeland. She describes with hindsight and humour the terrifying experience of seeing her first whitefella and her first moving car (she thought a rock had come alive).

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2010 (Australia) NSW Premier's Award for History (multimedia section) Winner - Multimedia section
2010 (New Caledonia) The RFO Prize for Pacific/Oceania - Winner
2010 (Australia) The Walkley Awards - Winner - All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs
2010 (Canary Islands) The Mirados Documentary Festival 'Best Documentary' Award - Winner - Best Documentary
2010 (Australia) AFI Award for best feature length documentary
2009 (Australia) Sydney Film Festival - Winner - Australian Documentary Prize
2009 (Australia) ADG Directors Awards (Australian Directors Guild) - Winner- Best Direction in a Documentary
2009 (Netherlands) International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) Awards Competition entrant - Feature Length Documentary