Don’t forget - National Bilby Day 


Earlier this year the Kunawarritji ranger team identified their first mankarr (bilby) population. Since then we have been monitoring this site. Surveys identified a number of cat tracks and scat around the burrows. This invasive predatory species is suspected to have been the main culprit in rendering this as an inactive site.

Additionally, an interesting observation by one of our motion sensor cameras identified a mouse spending a couple of nights filling in a mankarr burrow. It is yet to be determined why this animal would expel such a large amount of energy for this purpose. At the end of the mouse’s activities a confused mankarr retured to find a burrow filled in. 

Since finding the first population, the ranger skills at identifying mankarr habitats and the signs which indicate and active population have increased. As a result, we have identified a further four potential populations. This identification and future threatened species survey works will continue to add to the collective knowledge of mankarr within Martu country. 

Join KJ Martu rangers, NESP TSR researchers and TNC in celebrating National Bilby Day on the 10 September! The mankarr has disappeared from much of Australia, but populations remain in the heart of Martu country.