Great Desert Skink surveys

At the Lakehouse (Punmu ranger station) the RAWA High School students learnt about Mulyamiji / Tjakura (Great Desert Skinks).  The students learnt about their distribution area, threats to survival and some management activities that rangers undertake (such as careful fire and removing of feral cats) to help keep them safe. 

Afterwards the rangers and students travelled to Punmu Hill to undertake survey work. Using the PDF transect maps, hand-held GPS and a printed copy of the site transect (produced by Rachel Paltridge, April 2017) students worked in teams to locate five active burrows. 

For some students this was their first time learning about the mulyamiji and seeing what their burrows look like. At least two of the burrows showed recent activity with fresh male and female scats in the latrines.  Rangers demonstrated how to set up remote sensor cameras. Eight camera traps were set up in the transect which will be left over summer to record activity.