Great desert skinks, bilbies and a cheeky goanna

The extremely warm temperatures in Punmu did not stop the rangers getting out and about last week, and it seems the wildlife is active too.

Caro Bird will be running the women’s ranger program in Punmu this year.  The women rangers did a mapping exercise with her and the male rangers to show where all the major monitoring sites for fauna and water work are. Over the last four years, the rangers have monitored 12 fauna sites and 19 different water places, just in the area close to Punmu.

Three sensor cameras have been out all summer, so they were checked and produced some interesting results. The mankarr (bilby) burrow had many visits by a cat over the two months it was running and some kids from the community as well!

The mulyamiji (great desert skink) cameras captured lots of individual skinks active during the night as well as during the day which was a surprise.  

The cameras also caught a langamarlu (mulgara) travelling through, as well as a cheeky parnajarrpa (goanna) climbing over the camera several times. They cameras have been reset and by May will have recorded 12 months of activity in the same location.

Despite the heat, a couple of fauna plots were monitored, and a water test was completed at the ranger shed, as the two sites visited had dried up and needed digging and clearing to bring the water up.

Princess (Fiona Webb) would like to give a huge thank you to Punmu for having her working with you on country for the last few years.  “I wish you all the best for your country and families out there in Punmu and the ongoing great work you are doing to keep healthy!”

From left: Punmu rangers Gavin, Simon, McKenzie and Damien transfer fauna and water monitoring locations to the yintakaja map; Punmu rangers Michelle and Tasha reset the mulyamiji burrow cameras that have been out since May last year; Ranger coordinators Fiona and Caro and Punmu ranger Tasha complete a water test