Indigenous Governance Awards 2016


This year, KJ entered the Indigenous Governance Awards, which are run by Reconciliation Australia and sponsored by BHP Billiton. KJ was in the category for incorporated organisations (mostly companies), up against 150 other Indigenous companies.

In October, three judges from the awards came to KJ to talk about and look at KJ’s work, management and board. They met with the directors, with the CEO, with senior staff, with the leadership program, with rangers and with community members from Newman.  More than anything, they wanted to talk with Martu and hear how KJ worked for Martu. They asked lots of questions and took away a lot of documents, looking at whether KJ is run well as a Martu organisation.

While they were here, they talked about some of KJ’s work that they were very impressed with. They thought the board of directors was a very good board and had a great talk with them. They really liked KJ’s financial reports, which make sure the directors know and understand what’s happening with all the money. They thought the leadership program was very good and were very impressed with a presentation from Lindsay, Slim, Andrew, Luke, Cassandra, Phillipa and Elstreia.

In November, there was a big dinner in Sydney to announce the winners of the awards. KJ was up against seven other finalists.  Muuki Taylor, KJ’s Senior Cultural Advisor, Luke Frank, a KJ director, Lindsay Crusoe and Phillipa Charles went to the dinner with Peter See. Fred Chaney also came, as KJ’s joint patron with Muuki.  

The competition was strong and there was very little between all the seven finalists in our category for incorporated organisations. The night was a wonderful celebration of the positive work by strong Indigenous organisations around the country. The winner was Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation. They provide dialysis treatment in about 10 remote communities.  You can read about all the finalists here  

KJ was given the Highly Commended prize. Muuki and Luke accepted the award for all of KJ and all Martu people. It was a great honour and there was enormous pride amongst the Martu who were there about what we have all achieved, working together for Martu and KJ. KJ has received a lot of emails and phone calls from people all over Australia, saying how happy they are for Martu people and how impressed they are. 

This award means that people from outside have looked closely at KJ and how it works. They have said that KJ is run very well, that Martu are working to keep their culture strong and to look after their country and that Martu should be proud – proud of their KJ board, of their rangers, of their leadership program and of their staff. 

 “KJ is driving change in Martu communities by going back to the core of what is most important, which is country and the ability for people to reconnect with the country.” Dr Simon Longstaff, IGA judge.

Thanks to all our funders and supporters who have assisted us over the years to grow KJ into the organisation it is today.  We look forward to your continued support and an even bigger 2017.