Interpreter training and accreditation course

Above: Martu participated in a five day interpreter training and accreditation course

Above: Martu participated in a five day interpreter training and accreditation course

Martuparaku-ya yanu rivergumskutu interpreterarriraku. Martunga-ra-ya nintirringuwanyjalyuruku junkuraku wangka Higher-Englishjanu Martu Wangkangka. Nintirringu-ra-ya wanyjalyuruku junkuraku wangka wangkajanu Martujanu Englishja. Canberrajanulu-jananya NAATImalulu ruu nyakupayi testskaja. Kimberley Interpreter Servicemalu-ya-jananya, lurrju KJmalulu, Wangka Mayamalulu yaalpamulpayi Martungkanga kamu NAATImalungka. Nintirripayi-ra-ya Martunga Ethics Protocolku. Jilanya-ya wangka junkumalpa jungapurra. 

Rawa-la-ngku kartiyalu kamu martulu purtu kulini. Kartiyalu-jananya-ya laltulu mirta kulininpa, Martu-nyurra wangka walyja kanyirninpa! Laltu-ya Martu purtu kulilininpa Higher English courtja, hospitalja, townja. Ngunyjuparakulu-ya-nyurranya purntulu mirta junga kulininpa Martungka wangkinyjanyja. Kulilkuranpa-nyurranya-ya kartiyakajalu jampa-nyurra-ngku wangkinpa! Watanyjaparnilu-la-ngku kulilkuranpa martulu kamu kartiyalu kujungka. Mirta-ya-nyurranya purtu kulilkuranpa interpreterkurlulu.

From the 8th to the 12th of May the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), with assistance from KJ, the Kimberley Interpreting Service (KIS) and Wangka Maya, ran a five day interpreter training and accreditation course at Rivergums with eight Martu participants. The accreditation process involved extensive training in: cross-cultural communication of concepts that are often very difficult for both Martu and non-Martu to understand; important ethics protocol such as accuracy, impartiality, competency, professional relationships, solidarity and the role boundaries of interpreters; and interpreting roleplays covering a variety of contexts. 

Mis-communications are particularly easy to make in Australian foreign language and cross-cultural settings. It only takes only one misunderstood concept, word or nuance to change the entire meaning of a sentence, and this is often underestimated amongst people Martu are in regular contact with. 

In the words of the KIS CEO, “familiarity is not the same as understanding”. Trained and impartial interpreters play a vital role in ensuring that accurate messages are conveyed and crucial misunderstandings avoided in many hugely important and sometimes sensitive everyday settings in our community. Good luck to all of the candidates who took the NAATI accreditation test - the East Pilbara community looks forward to working with you.