Jaturti Kalyuku Ninti trip

Due to bad weather the Kadibil family, Birriliburu Rangers and World Vision joint trip to Katjarra was rescheduled.  The family instead decided to take the opportunity to visit Jimmy Williams’ country around Jaturti.  The trip was a great opportunity for Mr Williams to take his family out to his country and share stories with younger members of the family.

Sixteen adults and nineteen children from the Williams/Kadibil family joined the trip, along with Elyssa from World Vision her partner Will and Watto from KJ.  Over the five days the group covered almost 600km and visited ten sites obtaining more accurate GPS readings for Wanyja database.

Mr Williams and Slim collected some mulyarti (Acacia jensenii) during the trip to make spears upon their return to Parnngurr.  The rangers on the trip spotted some fresh bilby tracks, diggings and burrows to the east of Jaturti and marsupial mole tracks to the north of Katal.

The trip went well with many of the children helping out around the camp and experiencing what ranger work is like.