Jigalong rangers work with Trackcare to upgrade Well

Members of Track Care and the rangers at Georgia Bore

In May 2016, the Jigalong men and women rangers went on a seven day trip to Well 18 to help with the upgrade of the well by Track Care and undertake patch burning along the Canning Stock Route.
It was the first time a number of the women rangers had been to this country and was a great opportunity for them to visit country their parents and grandparents came from and walked around as children and young adults.  Pamela and Maryanne successfully guided the youngest members of the ranger team, Tanisha and Bernadette, through their first experience with patch burning on country.

It was great for the women to be able to work with Leigh from the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife during this trip and they look forward to working with him again on the upcoming twelve day trip to Pinpi.

The rangers worked with Track Care who were there to upgrade the infrastructure at Well 18.  Track Care did an amazing job of refurbishing the well.