KJ is ready for another big year

Over 320 Martu are employed with KJ.  Through their engagement with the ranger, Puntura-ya Ninti, healthy country, language and leadership programs Martu are looking after and keeping country healthy and culture and language strong. Martu are continuing to learn about the mainstream world and becoming strong leaders for their future generations.

KJ Board has decided upon a new management structure for the organisation. Moving forward KJ has appointed three General Managers to look after the organisation instead of a single CEO. The Board prefer this model of senior management for a number of reasons including: minimisation of risk, carriage of a heavy workload, benefits of complementary skillsets, succession planning and a resonance with Martu social forms.  

The General Managers that have been appointed have over 20 years combined experience working with Martu. They are Gerald Keyer, Tristan Cole and Zan King.  Gerald will continue to look after KJ’s finances, Tristan will look after the ranger and healthy country program and Zan will be overseeing the Puntura-ya Ninti, language and Martu leadership program.

The first edition of KJ’s newsletter for 2018 includes stories from KJ’s teams about work that has happened since summer break and what is planned for the coming year. It is gearing up to be another busy year.