Leadership group travel to Matuwa

In late April, the leadership group were invited to Matuwa by the Wiluna rangers.  The Birriliburu rangers and GLSC rangers from the Goldfields had heard about the Martu Leadership Program and wanted to learn more about it.  The leadership group were keen to share their story as well as learn more about IPAs.

The Birriliburu rangers gave a presentation that told the story about their IPA areas.  There were two messages that stood out for Martu.
The Birriliburu rangers emphasized their increased say over country since the declaration of the IPA.  They talked about how the IPA gave them a greater opportunity to interact with the various organisations, both government and private, that want to access or use their country.

Also of interest to the Martu rangers was the way Birriliburu had different IUCN categories on their country according to the use of that country.  This opened up discussion among Martu about protecting some culturally sensitive areas versus other areas that they may want to develop.  The Birriliburu rangers explained how an IPA does not take away opportunities to develop areas for mining, pastoral or other economic pursuits.

The leadership group gave a presentation about their program and organised a workshop with the whole group.  Everyone was very happy to be part of the workshop and agreed that they wanted a leadership program for themselves.

It was a great couple of days and the leadership group would like to thank the Wiluna rangers for the invitation.