The Leadership program is a significant new program for KJ. Participants are chosen from within the established KJ ranger teams and the Leadership Program is intended to be a logical but deliberate extension to their ranger role. It has the potential to become a defining part of how Martu currently involved in Land Management programs can progress and increasingly take a more active leadership role within the ranger teams. At the same time it is program that intends to offer a range of exposure and targeted training that will allow participants to gain skills and confidence generally to interact more successfully between Martu and Western Society. The benefits that may flow onto communities and Martu in general we hope will be considerable.

The objectives of the leadership program fall into two broad areas. 

  • Increased confidence and representation by Martu in the work environment and community. The capacity to become confident and capable leaders of younger men and women, and managers of issues for older people. The ability to represent people and leadership at work will ground participant’s confidence as young leaders in their community.
  •  Capacity to operate effectively with the mainstream world. This will include increasing participant’s knowledge of the mainstream world and developing appropriate strategies that enable people to interact in the mainstream effectively. It will seek to establish and identify the right networks that people need to know to operate in the mainstream. Overall an increase in confidence that enables all participants to effectively deal with issues and take opportunities as they arise.

The program is a joint initiative with KJ’s partner World Vision Australia with additional financial support being provided by The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Martu women will also participate in the Leadership Program with the generous support of the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Culture and Capability stream.