Learning about governance and personal finances 


In April, the Martu Leadership program (MLP) organised a large gathering at Telfer mine. Over 40 people attended the two-day workshop. There was at least one car that came from Jigalong, Parnngurr, Punmu, Kunawarritji, Newman and Bidyadanga.

On the first day the group talked about good governance and what it means to be a director for a company or a community corporation. People learned that the members own the company and the directors run the company for the members. They also looked at the chairperson’s role and learned that a different person can be the chairperson at each meeting if that is what the board wanted. 
On the second day the group learned about the money story: Where does money come from and where does it go to? What is a good way to spend money and what is a not so good way to spend it? How can people save money? What is a savings account and how does it work? 

They learnt that tax money is like “chuck in” money where everybody in the country contributes money, so that the government can run programs, build roads, build hospitals, have an army, have Centrelink and for many other public services and infrastructure. Engagement was very high among all the participants. Everyone was interested and wanted to learn more about the different topics. 

Thank you to Daniel Tinknell and Newcrest for generously supporting the meeting by providing the meeting space, accommodation and food. Having workshops at Telfer provides a central location for all the communities which makes the travel distance more manageable. It is also a place where the groups feel welcome.

Thank you also to Peter Twigg, Jigalong ranger coordinator, for helping to make this workshop such a success and sharing his knowledge on the topics talked about.