Martu attend East Pilbara Shire Council meeting


The Martu Leadership Program participants joined Carol Williams at an East Pilbara Shire council meeting. This was one of the first meetings for the newly elected councillors and the Martu Leadership participants were there to support Carol at her first meeting with the new board of councillors that were elected in late 2017.


The Martu Leadership participants talked about Martu working in the communities through the KJ ranger programs. They talked about the ideas and strong partnerships that Martu on the Martu Leadership Program are forming with different agencies, organisations, government and companies throughout the Pilbara area and beyond.

At the end of the presentation the Shire councillors were keen to know more. This could be the start of a new relationship with the Shire leadership team. The Martu Leadership participants see this as an important step forward to supporting Carol in her role as part of this Shire council and engaging in a positive way with the East Pilbara Shire.