Martu attend the Australian Evaluation Society Conference


Cassandra Nanudie and Annabell Landy went with PJ and Yvonne Mkandara to the Australian Evaluation Society’s 2017 conference in Canberra.  

They talked about the Martu Leadership Program and particularly about what the women’s program has been doing.  The people who listened to the workshop were very interested for three reasons.  

The first was that, while lots of Indigenous programs were being discussed by whitefellas, Cassandra and Annabell were the major presenters about their program.  A lot of people came up later and said how fantastic it was to see strong, confident young Indigenous women taking the lead.

Secondly, there is a lot of interest in what the Martu Leadership Program is doing and how it works.  This was the second year that we have presented at this conference and each time people have asked a lot of questions about the program.  

Third, the way that the Martu Leadership Program is evaluated is creating a lot of interest.  Ann Ingamells talked about this at the conference.  The program uses ‘developmental evaluation’ – which just means that the whitefellas are listening and learning from Martu all the time, so that the program does what Martu want. The Martu Leadership team wanted to tell government in Canberra that this is a way that whitefellas have to work, if they are going to really listen to Martu.