Martu attend the Kulyakartu Native Title Determination

In October, the Punmu ranger teams were invited to attend the Kulyakartu Native Title Determination in the Kulyakartu area north of Punmu. 

The event was organised by Central Desert Native Title Service who have been acting on behalf of the claimants and was attended by traditional owners from Parnngurr, Bidyadanga and Punmu as well as representatives of the Commonwealth and WA governments, the East Pilbara shire and the Federal Court. The determination found in favour of the claimants including Punmu Elders Minyawu Miller and Nyanjabayi Chapman. 

The event provided the younger rangers with an opportunity to witness a Native Title Determination for the first time and for everyone to catch up with family from Bidyadanga. Congratulations to the Kulyakartu claimants.