Martu families visit Natawalu


In September, the Booth, Farmer and Judson families made a very significant trip to Natawalu, Well 40 on the Canning Stock Route. The trip was planned to install a headstone for Joshua Booth's grandfather, Mungututu.

In 1907, Mungututu was shot by a white man named Michael Tobin at the same moment that Mungututu fatally speared Tobin. While the Western Australian Government installed a headstone for Tobin within a year, Mungututu's grave was left unmarked for 110 years. The families spent a hot day in the sun erecting the headstone – it was very special moment when the final stone was placed and everyone gathered around together to commemorate Mungututu.

KJ staff brought old stories on the trip to share with Martu. These stories told Martu histories of the Canning Stock Route and were enjoyed by all. Family photos and family trees were also taken on the trip to share with Martu families on the trip. It is very important to be able to share audio stories on a trip and in the future the Puntura-ya Ninti team plan to have more pujiman stories shared on Kalyuku Ninti and ranger trips.