Martu Leadership participants deliver cultural awareness


Martu Leadership Participants are embarking on a new and exciting journey by taking on the delivery of cultural awareness training to organisations involved with Martu. 

Over the last 12 months the Martu leadership participants have played a big role in delivering the training. There has been demand for cultural awareness training from a number of Newman-based organisations that work with Martu as well as the community schools. The leadership participants are taking this on and are becoming more confident to tell their own story. They are educating non-Martu people on how to effectively and respectfully engage with Martu people.

In October, the group delivered three day-long cultural awareness sessions to the Parnngurr and Punmu Community School staff, a mix of staff from Newman based organisations and EPIS staff. In November they delivered another session to the Newman Police focusing on the criminal justice system and what the leadership program has been doing in that space. 

The feedback from those who attended the training was very encouraging and positive; the overwhelming message was that attendees enjoyed seeing Martu speaking up and presenting. More sessions have been lined up for next year creating more opportunities for Martu.