Martu Licensing – a new approach


Everybody knows that the lack of licences is a severe problem for Martu. Without any public transport options, it is a big challenge for many Martu just travelling between communities and town to carry out day-to-day duties and meet cultural obligations. 

Yet at the moment, achieving a full licence for most Martu is not possible and the Martu leadership participants want to change this. The Martu leadership participants have started talking to authorities about how, under certain circumstances, Martu can get their licence back. 

The idea is to expand the extraordinary licence options. The participants want to present to the magistrate a range of options for extraordinary licences and then how people can be supported to achieve these licences. The idea is at the start these licences would be restricted to the Martu determination and for work purposes only. We are calling this a red licence. However, over time, Martu can apply to increase the area they can drive in and have more flexibility for what they can do.  
For example, the licence may start with driving for work only in and only in KJ vehicles (red licence).

However, if this licence is held for some time then the person may apply for a further licence (blue or yellow licence).  This would mean they can use private cars and possibly attend cultural business.  
This is an exciting new area and the Martu leadership team is working closely with the magistrate, police, and lawyers.  Watch this space in the coming months . . .