Men’s Leadership Program participants visit Roebourne Regional Prison


A small group of the Martu Leadership Program participants visited Roebourne Regional Prison in late February. This was the first visit to the prison and the leadership participants gave an inspiring presentation to 16 inmates.  For some of the group, entering Roebourne Regional Prison in the past had been through a different door and on a different pathway.  All of the team were more than a little nervous of what to expect.

However from the moment the presentation started with the gathered inmates, everything changed. The guys launched into a series of inspiring stories, photos and diagrams that talked about their involvement in the KJ ranger and leadership programs. 
They spoke of the opportunity the inmates may have when they got out of prison.  They spoke of ideas for making change on a personal level.  They spoke of the importance of strengthening Martu communities and gave examples of things they felt everyone could do to be a part of creating strong communities together.

The majority of the presentation was in Martu language and clearly drew on their personal experiences.  It was a deeply compelling exchange.  The inmates were left with plenty to think about and are already asking when the group are due to return. This is a powerful story emerging from the Martu Leadership Program.

This visit was made possible through the recently signed MOU with Pilbara Community Service Limited and KJ.  We would like to thank staff at Roebourne Regional Prison and Pilbara Community Service Limited for helping the Martu Leadership Program access into Roebourne Regional Prison.  The leadership participants are excited about this being the start of a productive ongoing partnership between the three organisations.