Money matters at Karlkun Karlkun


Karlkun Karlkun has always been a meeting place for Martu to gather and talk freely between language groups.  At this meeting it was a chance to explore different ways that Martu currently make money and talk about supporting new ways for Martu to have jobs they like and to make money.

The Martu Leadership team were lucky to have Duncan Peppercorn with us. Many Martu on the leadership program know Duncan from his time as boss for Social Ventures Australia (SVA).  Gerald, the KJ ‘money man’, was also able to join the team for this activity. Both Duncan and Gerald are people who know about big business and how to make money.  They were invited to share their experience and talk about real opportunities for Martu.

The Martu participants came up with many money-making ideas.  But a big challenge that the group took on was looking at how Martu could make ‘earning money’ fit within a Martu world.  There are jobs that are currently on offer for Martu.  The group asked why it is that some of these jobs are not taken up. This is a big area for discussion. There were a lot of good suggestions and talk about what might work for Martu – work people will enjoy.


To progress this further the group then travelled to Newman and Perth where they sat down with representatives from Deloitte.  This was an opportunity to look more closely at what are real possibilities for more jobs, thinking about new possibilities with the Deloitte financial experts.  Deloitte’s feedback to the group has all been positive and they have decided to keep working with Martu for free as this exciting journey unfolds further in coming months.  A big thank you to David and Tom from Deloitte.