Monitoring mankarr and mulyamiji

In 2016 Dr Anja Skroblin began working with the Martu rangers and other experts in the field to design methods to incorporate Indigenous knowledge into mapping the distribution and assessing habitat requirements of mankarr (bilbies). 

This year the new monitoring framework will be trialled with the ranger teams, with training planned for May and June. This project aims to develop a monitoring approach that can be undertaken by the ranger teams to determine mankarr population trends on their country over time. Dr Anja Skroblin is supported by the University of Melbourne and The Nature Conservancy Australia.

Over the past few years, active mulyamiji (Great Desert Skink) burrows have been located close to Punmu community by the Punmu ranger team.  In March, Punmu rangers will work together with Rachel Paltridge (Ecologist, Desert Wildlife Services), who will provide valuable training in scientific methods of looking after the mulyamiji.