Trialling the new  mankarr  (bilby)  monitoring method

Trialling the new mankarr (bilby) 
monitoring method


New mankarr (bilby) monitoring method

Martu rangers have been working together with researchers from the University of Melbourne, The Nature Conservancy and NESP TSR Hub, to co-design a monitoring program for rangers to track trends in mankarr (bilby) populations.

This new method combines Martu knowledge such as tracking ability, plant identification skills, knowledge of waru (fire), expert knowledge of country and where mankarr live and western science. KJ’s method will be rolled out in 2018 with all of the KJ ranger teams participating.

On the 7 and 8 September Punmu rangers, Dr Anja Skroblin and Tracy Carboon will present at the threatened species forum in Geraldton. The group share how they are bringing Martu knowledge into co designing different monitoring methods.