New mankarr site found

The day was proceeding as planned for the Kunawarritji ranger team performing track side burns to the southern side of the Kiwirrkurra Road. While stopping to pick up rangers who had finished their burning ranger Lawrence Whyoulter recognised mankarr (bilby) tracks in front of the vehicle. Everyone stopped what they were doing and searched the surrounding area. The rangers were able to identify a number of active burrows and decided to  set up two remote sensors cameras. 

The next day the rangers came back to the area to conduct a more extensive search.  They were able to find 16 burrows, seven of which were active. The network of burrows stretched a distance of approximately 1km. The remote sensor cameras captured a number of photos which the rangers were able to identify at least two mankarr. 

This is possibly the first time mankarrhave been found around this particular area since pujiman (bushman) days. The mankarr's survival is thwarted by impacts such as habitat loss, invasive predator species, changed fire patterns and competition. Conservation work for this species, and specifically this population, will be an ongoing activity for the Kunawarritji ranger team with the hope more populations will be found.