Martu present about KJ work in Alice Springs

Martu rangers Leah Robinson and Rennette Willalang together with Operations Manager Tristan Cole travelled to Alice Springs in April to attend and present at a number of events. 

 The first event was the Ten Desert Network workshop.  The purpose of the workshop was to discuss fire and buffel control across the desert.  It was an informative workshop having a number of groups together talking about issues which affect us all.

The next day the group attended the Desert Science Network launch. The Desert Science Network aims to facilitate collective science learning , skills development and inspiration through connecting innovation and science communication across the arid lands. In front of approximately 200 people Leah, Rennette and Tristan presented the warru (rock wallaby) translocation project.  The talk focused on the successful collaboration of Martu and scientists over the past 20 years.  The talk was well received with cheering and clapping from the crowd.  This made the ladies feel very happy and proud of the work they do.  Leah commented “Those people were clapping and cheering for us, for Martu and for our country.  It makes my heart feel so happy.”

On the last day Leah and Rennette together with Tony Jupp from TNC presented at the Rangelands conference.  The group presented on the Martu Living Deserts Project to approximately 380 people.  The ladies were quite nervous but gave an impressive performance talking to each of their slides.  After the presentation the group caught up with Fred Chaney who expressed how great the work KJ was doing on country.  This made the ladies feel very proud.

To view a short film on the warru translocation project

To find out more about the Martu Living Deserts Project

Tony Jupp (TNC), Rennette Willalong (KJ), Leah Robinson (KJ), Hon Fred Chaney, Tristan Cole (KJ)

Leah Robinson presenting with Tony Jupp (TNC).  Photo: F.Walsh

Presenting at the Rangelands conference.  Photo: F.Walsh