Aerial incendiary burning, on ground burning, waterhole mapping and Mossman River Grass mapping - a busy week for the Punmu rangers

The Punmu rangers have been busy out and about looking after Martu country.

The week started off with two reconnaissance flights, one for the women and one for the men, to assess fuel loads for fire management work. Based on fire scar maps, the aerial assessment, prior experience of rangers and advice from KJ waru (fire) officer, a number of areas were identified for fire management.

The rangers conducted aerial incendiary flights targeting old growth and medium aged spinifex areas with the aim of increasing diversity in habitat. Rangers also undertook ground burning to protect mulyamiji (great desert skink) sites.

In addition to the fire work the rangers mapped a Mossman River Grass infestation along the Punmu Access Road towards Telfer and assisted and participated in waterhole mapping work.

Using the wall map at the Lake House (Punmu ranger station) and the knowledge of elders such as Kumpaya Girgirba and Thelma Judson important sites in the Punmu/Kunawarritji area were located. Everyone talked about how the sites could be accessed from the ground, and the idea of a joint trip with the Kunawarritji rangers was suggested.

The week ended with a community BBQ at the Lake House and was attended by a large number of people including rangers, community members, and school staff.