Plants and animals once nourished many nations of people across Australia

Forty-two Martu women came together for a four-day plant and bush medicine workshop at the beginning of August 2015.  The women, most of who work as rangers, came from three Martu communities to meet at an important place on Martu country called ‘Yulpu’, in the Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia. 
The workshop was a response to a request from a number of younger Martu women.  These women had expressed their eagerness to bring together senior Martu women in a forum which would allow them an opportunity to learn and practice this important traditional knowledge. Such an opportunity to gather together has not been possible for a number of decades.
The women rangers worked hard prior to the event collecting seeds and medicine plants to share at the workshop. The camp was facilitated by Fiona Walsh from CSIRO, an ethnobotanist who has worked with Martu for over the past 20 years.
Throughout the workshop senior women shared information about a variety of plants and guided the younger women through winnowing, yandying, and grinding different types of seed.

Watch a two minute film of Martu explaining the importance of the camp here