Women passing on knowledge

At the beginning of August women from three Martu communities joined together at Yulpu to participate in a four day plant camp.  The purpose of the camp was to support younger and older Martu to share and learn traditional knowledge about bush food and medicine plants. 

The camp was facilitated by Fiona Walsh from CSIRO, an ethnobotanist who has worked with Martu over the past 20 years.  The senior women shared information about a variety of plants and guided the younger women through winnowing, yandying, and grinding different types of seed.  The Parnngurr school children visited one afternoon to participate in the traditional making of kalaru seed cake.

Two education resources will be produced from media collected at the camp. This is the first time a camp has been organised to bring together so many Martu women to share their knowledge about plants with each other.  The women thoroughly enjoyed the camp and there were many conversation and excitement about the possibility of having another camp in 2016.