Parnngurr rangers join Martumili artists on country

In May, the Parnngurr rangers joined a Martumili painting camp organised by Cyril Whyoulter with Jakayu Biljabu, Kumpaya Girgiba, Bugai Whyoulter, Ngamaru Bidu, Helen Dale Samson, Lily Long and Amy French. Warntili was the theme for many of the paintings.

During the days, the rangers went on the search for mankarr (bilbies) along the Canning Stock Route. Evidence of two populations were found. On the second day, the group made a very special visit to Kaalpa with Corban and Tamisha Williams and Jeannice Sailor – their jamu’s (grandparent’s)country.

This is a place Corban often paints and his first visit to Kaalpa. He would like to go back to Kaalpa in the future with the rangers to clean away the buffel grass.

At night time, we listened to some old pujiman (bushman) stories and some of the rangers joined the Martumili camp for crafting, sing-a-longs and some stellar guitar solos.