Parnngurr rangers wrap up a busy season

The hot summer months have been upon us with temperatures reaching well into the 40s since mid-October. Despite the hot weather there was still been plenty of work to do. A few highlights from the Parnngurr ranger team over the past three months include collecting water loggers and camera data.  

All seven locations were visited by the rangers in an effort to relocate the water loggers placed by The Nature Conservancy. Water quality data was downloaded and the remote sensor cameras’ SD cards’ and batteries exchanged. The cameras managed to capture a unique photo of a dingo who had caught a large feral cat and was walking off with it in its mouth.   

Firearms training was another highlight. Rangers value and eagerly participate in this training. Ben, the trainer from Northam TAFE appreciated the rangers’ level of engagement and respect for safety around the firearms and the humane disposal of animals. After a day of theory and testing, the team spent another full day out on the range learning how to clean the rifles and shooting at targets with the different rifles.     
Parnngurr School, Parnngurr rangers and families enjoyed a camp together at Warntili.

Students were shown the new mankarr (bilby) monitoring methods while on country and enjoyed joining elder Waka Taylor in the search for mulyamiji (Great Desert Skink).  
In the afternoon some kipara (bush turkey) were caught and shared among the group.  
Afterwards everyone enjoyed a refreshing dip. The evening involved a BBQ dinner and damper followed by movies. The next day some time was spent at Katarru (Well 24) learning about the history of the area and digging for minyarra (bush onion). 
On the way home there was a stop off at Georgia Bore for lunch. It was a couple of memorable days with a total of 40 people attending. 

Camping out on country was a new experience for some of the school teachers and even with the temperature well into the 40’s they were very grateful for the experience.