Police, protective bail and restraining order cards

The Martu Women’s Leadership Program has been working on a coloured card system for different types of orders issued by the police and court following domestic violence. Early conversations with the women revealed that many Martu did not understand the different orders that are issued. The card system makes use of Martu wangka (language) words that have obvious meaning to people. 

The development of this system within the Women’s Leadership Program is allowing people to talk more openly about domestic violence and to develop strategies that will prevent domestic disputes from getting out of control. The women have been working with the Police and the Pilbara Magistrate to ensure that the cards fit within the legal framework. 

The women are working on how to roll out the cards and how to help Martu understand what they are and what they mean. The Police will be taught how to correctly pronounce the words. Martu men have also been engaged in the conversation about the cards. 

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