Public speaking workshop in Parnngurr


In March, the Martu Leadership Program (MLP) ran public speaking workshops in Parnngurr community. Many Martu have said that public speaking training is very important for people to become less kurnta (nervous / shy) when speaking or presenting to other people and groups.

There were two different workshops. The first was held at the ranger station for the rangers and MLP participants, and the other workshop was held at the Parnngurr School with the high school students. In both groups, Martu learned about why it is important to gain the confidence to speak in front of other people and why the MLP participants give presentations. 

The rangers each had a chance to practice introducing themselves in front of others, saying their names, where they are from and what they do. Next, they used a microphone, learning how to use it properly, this time not only introducing themselves but adding more to their story. 
The high school children were very interested, but also extremely shy. Some were brave enough to stand up and practiced introducing themselves.  

This was the first time that this workshop has been run in the communities. The main message was that the more you do it, the more confident you become. The Martu Leadership Program will continue running these workshops in other Martu communities.