Ranger program outlook for 2018

KJ’s ranger coordinators are back in their communities working with the rangers to gear up for an action-packed 2018. Rangers from Jigalong, Punmu, Parnngurr and Kunawarritji kicked off their field season by travelling to Millstream to undertake training to enable them to operate an aerial incendiary machine from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  This training builds on KJ’s fire management program and increases the ability to put right-way fire into country.

Jigalong rangers have been involved in a ‘mock court’ in Newman with KJ’s Martu Leadership Program and staff from the WA Police. The aim of these sessions is to empower Martu engagement with the criminal justice system and provide valuable cultural perspectives on the system and how it functions from a Martu point of view.

Parnngurr rangers are hosting KJ’s first Board meeting for the year while Punmu rangers have their first on-country field trip scheduled for late March. 2018 is shaping up to be another huge year for KJ’s ranger program.  Some of the activities for the next few months include: 


  • Joint trip to Yimiri with Punmu Men’s team 
  • Mapping of rockholes and other traditional water sources in the vicinity of Hammer Bore 
  • Aerial fire and mapping work with staff from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions 
  • Second translocation of Black-flanked Rock Wallabies between Kaalpi and Pinpi


  • Threatened fauna survey work, focusing on the Great Desert Skink, Greater Bilby and Black-flanked Rock Wallaby 
  • Weed and site management of GJ Bore, a popular tourist campground and reliable source of water on the Canning Stock Route
  • Joint men’s and women’s trip to complete installation of Martu signage at wells on the Canning Stock Route 


  • Newhaven “Cat Camp” and Kiwirrkurra ranger exchange 
  • Two trips to conduct aerial mapping of cultural sites in the vicinity of Paru and Mulyarlkiri 
  • Punmu community fire week


  • Burning and aerial mapping north and west of Kunawarritji community
  • Aerial mapping of cultural sites around Mulyarlkiri (with Punmu)