RAWA School 36th Anniversary 

The Rawa school celebration in late October created lots of interest in the photos and documents that KJ looks after for Martu. The Puntura-ya Ninti team put together a collection of photos from the school over its 36-year history.  There were photos of the first bower shelter school and early community camps, the first school building and store, the original school opening and 25-year celebration and lots of photos of Martu staff working at the school over the years.  

Deborah Thomas, Nyaparu Lane, Marianne Burton, Anthony Burton, Deanne Brooks, Cliffie Bidu, Rhianne Burton, Damien Miller and Cynthia Richards all helped check through the photos to make sure they were OK to show and write down names and stories.

The photos went into a slideshow that was shown during the School anniversary celebration. Everyone was happy to see how far the school and the community have come to get to where they are today.