Roebourne Regional Prison visit

The Martu Leadership team completed their third visit to the Roebourne Regional Prison. These visits contain some of the most inspiring moments for the leadership participants. Each visit has seen the size of the group and the time spent at the prison increase - this visit was no exception. The Martu leadership participants presented to over 25 inmates for two separate sessions. They talked about the Martu Leadership Program and the different parts of the criminal justice system.  

As with previous visits, the presentations are almost entirely in language. The Martu inmates love hearing from their peers in this way. It makes for a dynamic interaction that leaves everyone feeling good about what the team are doing and inspiring the inmates for when they get out. This visit to Roebourne Prison also saw the Martu leadership participants present to 15 Roebourne Prison staff. This was a combination of cultural awareness about who Martu are, what KJ does, and ideas the leadership participants have for the future.  

CEO Kate Mackie joined the team for this visit and made the following observation: 
“Visiting friends and family in prison is never easy but it was inspiring to be part of the Martu Leadership Program visit to Roebourne Prison. The leadership participants shared their stories in language and I am sure the visit did much to provide hope and encouragement to the men, all of whom are traditional owners of a vast estate. I was also able to meet with several of the women in the women’s cell. The session to the Roebourne Prison guards, transition workers and management on was literally an eye-opener for the staff. The Martu Leadership Program have much to teach the prison system and this session showed how open they are to learning about Martu and their culture.”