Seven Sisters Opening 

Group at National Museum of Australia (Photo courtesy of Martumili)

In September Martumili and KJ supported elders and artists Muuki, Kumpaya, Ngamaru, Nganjapayi, Mulyatinki and Nyalanka to attend the opening of the National Museum of Australia exhibition “Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters”, along with Martumili Arts workers Hamza and Alysha Taylor. 

In 2016 KJ, Martumili and the National Museum of Australia ran a combined trip for artists and rangers. During the trip the group visited a number of Jakulyukulyu (Seven Sisters) sites and some of the art that was produced on the trip featured in the Songlines exhibition. 

The exhibition features pieces (paintings, photographs, weaving and more) from a number of different groups around Australia and tells the story of the travels of the Jakulyukulyu from Roebourne, across Martu country and to the APY Lands. While we were there Muuki and Nyalanka gave an interview to the ABC and also participated in the artists’ press conference with some of the other featured artists.

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