Toyota visits Punmu


Punmu rangers hosted an important visit from Toyota in October this year. Toyota spent two days with the Punmu rangers understanding how highly resinous spinifex and the exhaust system and the Diesel Particulate Filter (which keeps air clean by removing particulate matter) in the new model Toyota Land Cruisers interact in the hot desert environment to create a fire hazard.

Toyota said it was rare opportunity to see the sort of country in which Martu use Toyota vehicles to support their land management and cultural work in the remote country of the Western Desert.

After the visit, Toyota said, ‘It was so valuable for the Toyota designer, Satoshi Ido-San, to fully understand the conditions that Toyota Land Cruisers work in.  It was great to show him how severe even the simplest driving was. The support from the rangers, ranger coordinators Ray, Dan, Bridget and KJ’s logistics officer Aaron was simply brilliant.  We couldn’t have asked for better guidance during our time in Punmu. 
The information gathered from the activity will go a long way towards the continual improvement of the Land Cruiser model in future model design. For any design research field testing is vital. My hope is that something can be developed and ready for testing by mid next year, and that we may be able to join KJ on a trip of some sort to test the effectiveness”.