Turning it around in mock courts


During the past two months the Martu Leadership Program (MLP) has held three mock court sessions at the Newman courthouse. 

One of the sessions was with the Jigalong rangers. As this was the rangers’ first time to take part in a mock court most were a bit kurnta (nervous / shy).  However after a while they warmed up to the exercise and started to become more confident.

It was fun having the police officers on trial and a Martu magistrate deciding whether to send them yapurra (west i.e.: to Roebourne prison) or send them kakarra (east i.e.: to Martu country and home to the desert communities).

The next two mock court sessions comprised of a mix of Martu men and women. For many this was also their first time. 

Mock court exercises assist Martu in building their confidence and helping them to better understand and navigate the court system. This process also opens a whole conversation with the Police and the Magistrate about how the criminal justice system can work better.

Thanks to the Newman Police for taking part in the mock court sessions and for providing access to the Newman court room.

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