Visiting the Police HQ in Perth  

Visiting the Police HQ in Perth

Two way learning with WA Police

Last month Martu Leadership Program participants visited the Police HQ in Perth to meet with senior police, including the Assistant Commissioner and the WA Regional Commander. This meeting was an opportunity for Martu to showcase the Martu ranger program and the Martu Leadership Program. The participants proudly talked about these programs and what they have achieved so far. It’s clear that these men and women are excited about making positive change in their communities.

Martu leadership participants talking with the Newman police

This month a small group of Martu visited the Newman Police Station.  Here the group met the newly appointed OIC Mark Fleskens and five of his fellow police officers. This was an opportunity for the local police to hear from Martu about what they are doing on country and the aspirations they have for their people. It was a encouraging exchange and seen as the start of a positive relationship between Martu and Newman police. 

It is likely that the next meeting with some of these senior police will be when they join Martu on country for a three-day camp.  Some of the key areas for discussion will be looking at options for diverting Martu from court, ways to change the lock-up story to a community-based and on country story,  sharing knowledge, and exploring the challenges that authorities and Martu face both in Newman, Hedland and in the courts.