AboutWA Indigenous Ranger Program

Vivienne Landy represented Martu at the first Steering Committee meeting of the new WA Indigenous Ranger Program of $20 million over 5 years. The purpose of the meeting was for the new Minister for the Environment, Stephen Dawson, to find out from traditional owners how they would like to see the new program designed. The Minister said he is keen to get cracking on the program. “I’ve seen the good work the rangers are doing. It is making real changes in people’s lives.”

Muuki Taylor, KJ’s senior cultural adviser, gave Vivienne advice on what to say at the meeting. Vivienne spoke up strong for Martu and said the mob want to work in Karlamilyi, looking after that country belonging to Martu ancestors, including the country of her father and grandfather. Vivianne spoke in Manyjilyjarra and translated for the people at the meeting. 

The Minister is keen to visit Martu country and learn about Martu. KJ will be applying for some funds under the new program to work in Karlamilyi.