Saying goodbye to some of our team.
Saying hello to new members.


The 2018 fire season sees the departure of Waru Man (Gareth Catt) from KJ after six years of dedicated service.

Waru Man has been instrumental in increasing KJ’s capacity to undertake large scale burning, from the air and the ground; and increasing KJ’s capacity to burn and to do it in a safe effective manner.

We will miss him, but know that his skills and knowledge will now be utilised on a landscape scale, in his new role with the Ten Deserts Project.


Peter Twigg finished his role as Jigalong ranger coordinator at the end of August. This brought to an end a three and a half year chapter in the history of the ranger program in Jigalong.

Twigg has accepted the role of Culture and Heritage Project Officer with South Coast NRM based in Albany.

His ability to tell a story and build genuine relationships has seen him widely accepted and respected by Martu.

His sense of humour, sage advice, load-tying prowess, care for his colleagues and methodical teaching methods, as well as his ability to make an analogy, are just some of the myriad reasons Twigg will be missed by Martu and non-Martu alike.


Parnngurr rangers welcomed two new coordinators in August. Bridget Walker (aka Tex) has taken on the role or women’s ranger coordinator. Tex has previously worked as a ranger coordinator in Warburton and more recently at Cosmo-Newberry with Yilka Heritage and Landcare. Tex has a wealth of knowledge of, and great relationships with, a range of Martu, Anangu and other groups from the Western Desert

Michael Goodall (aka MG) has been appointed as men’s ranger coordinator in Parnngurr until the end of this year. MG previously worked with KJ in 2012-13 in a logistics role based in Newman. This role included stints as relief ranger coordinator in Parnngurr and led to MG establishing relationships with rangers at the time (many of whom are still in the team) as well as the broader Parnngurr community.