unmu rangers using the map to plan out the helicopter routes

What’s 4.8m wide and 2.2m tall?

In June the Punmu rangers and GIS officer Mark D’Lima installed a map measuring 4.8m wide and 2.2m tall.  The map is of an area 480km wide and 220km high around Punmu community.

This large 100k scale (1cm = 1km) map includes topographic features such as sand hills, roads, claypans and many waterholes from the Wanyja database.  The Wanyja database holds over 1,384 sites, of which 1,125 have GPS locations.  The rangers work with the elders to relocate waterholes that have not been visited since pujiman (bushman) days.

The map is a very useful tool helping the Punmu ranger team to plan their work on country.