What’s in store for the Leadership Program in 2017?

Thirty men and women leadership participants gathered in Newman to talk about the Martu Leadership Program for 2017. It was the first opportunity for everybody to come together after summer and prepare for the coming year.  It was also the chance for the next round of participants to be chosen and invited into the program. There was a good feeling and everybody was keen to be back into the working year.

This year the Martu Leadership program will continue to learn about government and understand the important parts of government that affect Martu and what they are trying to do. The participants often talk about accessing government as “knowing which door to open”. 
The justice system will be another key focus for the group. There will be a number of key partnerships, learning and projects that will enable the group to become active in making some positive changes to parts of the justice system.  

The Martu Leadership Program will work closely with lawyers from Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS), staff and providers at the Roebourne Regional Prison, Pilbara magistrates (past and present) and engage with the WA Police both in Newman and at the Perth Police Academy.
This year the group also aims to engage with the Local Pilbara Shire, to run cultural awareness sessions in Newman, become more involved in the schools both in Newman and in community and continue talking about wama (alcohol) and how it impacts both Martu and their communities.  

The participants will be running more activities on country this year to try and spread the opportunity for more people in the community and the ranger teams to be involved and share in the learning.