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Women’s Leadership Program begins

Martu women have been able to start their own leadership program thanks to an Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) grant to pilot the program for one year.  Martu women have been eager to start their own leadership program to discuss issues that affect women and be able to build up their skills and confidence to more effectively and equally take part in community decisions and the mainstream world.  Building on the achievements and success of the men’s leadership program the women’s program is expected to have a greater emphasis on issues relating to children, early years education and child safety.  

The women’s program commenced in May with 12 women involved in a two-day coursework in Newman together with the men’s leadership participants.  Everyone welcomed the idea of learning together.  The men talked to the women about their program: what they have been doing and what they have learnt.

As part of the coursework the group listed things that could be improved in their communities.  The results of the workshops were inspirational.  The women’s group will be travelling to Perth during August to meet with a number of organisations and companies.